GuestAssist Enterprise Features and Benefits

There are more than 4 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide with the vast majority using text messaging capable devices and an increasing number are adopting web-enabled smart phones. Add this to reports that 700,000 customers abandon their landline telephones each month and it becomes clear that for many, the phone is no longer just about voice calls.

Embrace the mobile customer

Embracing The Mobile Customer

Gartner Research predicts that by the end of 2011, Instant Messaging will be the de facto tool for voice, video and text chat with 95 percent of workers in leading global organizations using it as their primary interface for real-time communications by 2013. Mobile IM is also on the rise with the increasing adoption of smart phones and the availability of handsets with QWERTY keyboards that resemble a traditional computer keyboard.

Additional Information

  • Customers prefer text to voice at a ratio of 3:1
  • Empowers customer to multi-task
  • Enables Privacy in public environment
  • Access in weak coverage or loud environment
  • Reduces your customer wait-time without additional cost


Your Customers Will Love You

Thanks to advances in mobile phones, your guests and customers have considerably more access, choice and control at their fingertips. However, these advances also present a real opportunity for your customer service and guest relations teams to differentiate your service offering. Offer your mobile customers real-time access, inquiry and one-to-one communication via text message, mobile IM or the mode of their choice.

A happy customer is a loyal customer.

Additional Information

  • Respond to inquiries, trouble tickets, questions
  • Manage multiple customer interactions vs 1:1 via voice
  • Offer real-time surveys at the time of service
  • Deliver real-time actionable content & URLs to your customer
  • Click-to-call, Directions maps, Registration, tickets, coupons