Guest Assist Stadium

GuestAssist Improves Your Conference

GuestAssist enables an instant, two-way text conversation between your guests and your facility's Command and Control Center. GuestAssist improves your conference security -- medical response -- customer satisfaction.

Added Security

Added Security

GuestAssist allows everyone at your conference to communicate instantly with your staff. This means your conference is more secure and your guests feel safe.

Who is Using GuestAssist Conference:

  • International Association of Assembly Managers Annual Conference - IAAM
  • Academy for Venue Safety and Security
  • International Crowd Management Conference
  • MORE


Your Guests' Satisfaction

GuestAssist makes it easy for each guest to ask questions and get answers immediately. Frequently asked questions about parking situations, how to reach specific locations in a conference or how to best get to the conference location all can be received an answered by staff immediately. This means your guests are happier and can focus on the event. Questions about future events and special promotions can be addressed while the guest is at the conference, and this will increase guest participation in your programs.

Client Testimonial

"It was like magic! GuestAssist Conference made it a snap to make last minute schedule changes and notify hundreds of people instantly."


Medical Attention

With GuestAssist, each guest can provide details about a medical situation quickly and provide more details about people involved and conditions so that you can deploy the right response. The GuestAssist program allows you to reach and respond to guests inside the conference and in surrounding areas like parking lots.

Benefits Include:

  • Faster medical response
  • Improved guest experiences

Mobile Conference Agenda Calendar

For attendees with web enabled phones, an electronic schedule of the conference can be accessed with a GuestAssist mobile web site.

Conference Material download

Each attendee can request vendor, sponsor or conference material to be sent and downloaded to the email(s) associated with his mobile phone.

Live Interactive help

Conference attendees send their comments, questions and requests via text messaging. Upon receipt, staff respond in real time whether on or off-site and provide information, answer questions, make recommendations and even offer concierge services throughout the conference.

Instant Conference Notifications to communities

Groups of specific attendees (even staff) can be sent text messages - reminders or alert notifications.

Promotion Campaigns

Engage and excite your attendees through promotions and campaigns delivered at the right time and rewarded on site. Vendors, sponsors, exhibitors and third parties can gain access to all or groups of attendees.