Learn How GuestAssist Enterprise Works

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GuestAssist is a web-based communications service that enables one-to-one text messaging communications between company personnel, customers, vendors, employees and partners.

A individual or group may use their mobile phone to text a keyword to a designated 5 digit phone number. Each request is instantly routed to the GuestAssist web-based Communications Center. Communication personnel can monitor and respond to inquiries on a real-time basis and dispatch support, documents, resource links or information to the communication group as needed.

Web Access

Communication personnel can access the GuestAssist Communications Center from any browser-enabled PC or Mac with a connection to the Internet. Each GuestAssist account is provided a unique URL address and access privileges for Operators and Administrators, with which they may access the GuestAssist Communications Center.

Track Activity and Alerts Real-Time

Operators receive a visual and audible alert on the arrival of inbound requests, and can monitor and respond to text message inquiries from all communication groups. Administrators can view, export and print an archived history of communications for efficient program development and analysis.