Guest Assist Stadium

Making Client Satisfaction Even Easier

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GuestAssist Hospitality allows hotel and event management to reach all guests effectively and gives guests a quick channel to reach hotel staff.

A guest in need of assistance may use their mobile phone to text a location or event-specific keyword to a designated 5 digit phone number. Each request is instantly routed to the GuestAssist web-based Communications Center. Facility operations personnel can monitor and respond to guest inquiries on a real-time basis and dispatch support, security or medical staff to the guest's location as needed

Making client satisfaction even easier

  • Questions can be answered
  • Information can be sent or downloaded
  • Schedules can be updated
  • Alerts and updates can be sent
  • Feedback can be given

Target Your Communication

All guests, specific groups or individuals can be reached - including staff. This means targeted communication is given to those that need it, not wasted on those that don't. Improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiency simply by getting the right message to the right people at the right time, and allowing them to access you.